• Protect

    Let us be your IT Department for only $29 per month. Includes Real Time Monitoring, Patch Management, Virus & Malware Protection, Unlimited Same Day Diagnosis, Unlimited Repair Labor and Unlimited Remote Support.


Real Time Monitoring

Monitors your PC for common problems like hard drive failures so that you can take proactive action.

Patch Management

Keeps Windows & 39 other exploit prone programs up to date, keeping your PC safe from software exploits.

Virus & Malware Protection

Emsisoft Anti-Malware - complete virus & malware protection for your PC.

Free PC optimization - Normally $99

For a faster and more efficient running PC.

Free Same Day Diagnosis - Normally $59 per occurrence

For any problems that occur on your PC.

Free Repair Labor - Normally $119 per occurrence

On any Software or Hardware Repair. Remote or drop off service included.

Unlimited Remote Support - Normally $119 per occurrence

We can connect to your PC over the internet to fix software problems and remove viruses.


Q. What gets installed on my computer?

A. Real Time Monitoring Software and Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Q. What does Protect not cover?

A. Protect does not cover pre-existing problems or optional services like upgrades. Protect does not cover the cost of parts if you have a part failure. It will cover the cost of labor for installing the part.

Q. Is the subscription easy to cancel?

A. Yes, you can request cancellation at any time on your online profile or by contacting us. Once cancelled, you retain full use of your subscription until your paid subscription time runs out.