The Importance of Software Updates

10/07/18 06:37 PM By Jeremy Spence

Keeping your computer fully up to date is the most important step in protecting your computer from viruses and malware.

Malware gets injected into ads on reputable websites and just viewing the ad can infect your computer. This is because the malware is taking advantage of exploits in Windows, your web browser or applications on your computer that have not been patched by updates.


You have a couple of options to keep your computer up to date. 

  • Turn on auto updates in Windows update and the programs on on your computer

  • Apply every update your computer notifies you of being available

The importance of maintaining updates was the primary reason for us establishing our "Protect" service. It keeps Windows and 39 other exploit prone programs up to date in the background with no interaction from you. Protect is available for only $20 per month per computer and also includes:  

  • Emsisoft Virus & Malware Protection

  • Unlimited Same Day Diagnosis

  • Unlimited Repair Labor

  • Unlimited Remote Support


Happy Safe Computing,

The Laptop Guy

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