The Importance of Social Media for Small Business

10/21/18 12:00 PM By Jeremy Spence

Love it or hate it, Social Media is a part of all of our lives and a way to reach new and existing customers.


If you have ever been an employee or owner of a small business, you know how valuable every customer is. You also know how competitive all small business can be in every industry and how anything that gives you an advantage against your larger competitors is critical. Social Media is something that can give you that advantage.


Social Media is so much more than creating a page on a platform and expecting customers to starting showing up. You have to show passion for your business and give valuable information that will attract new customers and retain existing ones.


Social Media also plays an important part in helping your website search rankings. Each time you make a post that links back to your website, you are telling Google, Bing etc. that your website deserves to be higher in the search rankings.



Do a cost/benefit analysis to prove to yourself how important Social Media is to your business. Industries like real estate where one new customer can result in a commission of thousands of dollars is a prime example.


Start with a Facebook account, but research what types of Social Media is effectual for your business type and then create and maintain all of the appropriate accounts.


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As a small business owner, I understand how busy you are. It is difficult to make time for Social Media, especially when there is a lot to learn to do it properly. I also understand that hiring an employee to do Social Media may be too much of an expense. As part of our Business Services, our solution is Social Media Management. Starting at only $59 per month, per Social Media Account, we remain very affordable. 

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